Monday, July 19, 2010

update unionfs usb flash

Here is the 2GB usb dd image of 8.04.

I will only boot as /dev/sdb1 so don't flash this image onto your ssd. Only onto a usb flash disk.
There is around 750MB of free space on the drive. It will save your changes/installed programs on sdb2.

It's almost the same as the desktop dd image.
I started with 2 partitions the first was about 1gb(sdb1 ro partition). Tthe second was 900mb(sdb2 rw partition) but could of been alot bigger.
Both we're formated to ext3. The boot flag had been set on sdb1.
Since I had the full resquashed dd image installed to my mind, I just copied everything in /boot to sdb1 using "cp -auv /dir/to/copy/* /dest/mount/point/"
Then I installed grub on sdb1.
below done on sdb1
I copied the old initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia to initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia.bak
I had to decompress the initrd and then edit the script/disk file to remove sda from the list of devices it looks for, and changed it to look for a removable drives instead of non-removable(hard disk).
I then recompressed initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia and placed it into the /boot directory.
Then I had to add the kernel option "root=/dev/sdb1" to menu.lst in /boot/grub.
Thats pretty much what went into the usb image. I posted some of the info because it coul be useful to someone else, even though it's a little vague.

8.04.4...update 2

the dd version of the acronis image I posted earlier is posted below for those without acronis

Sunday, July 18, 2010

8.04 updated..1

I managed to merge the ro and rw partitions and then resquashed the rootfs.img.
So now all my changes are part of the ro filesystem. That means that now we have 2.3gb free space.
I'll be posting a acronis .tib image file for now because of requests.
It will be followed shortly by a rared up dd image file.

The acronis image is here:

I haven't tested this one yet. Enjoy!

I tested it. It works as planned. 2.3GB free space afterwards...
a few notes:
-video acceleration is with mplayer, gnome-mplayer, and smplayer. mplayer and gnome-mplayer are set to use the vaapi video output and filter. Smplayer is set to use the x11 video output and the vaapi filter. If your video plays but looks blocky try it in smplayer.

-Totem and Moovida Media Center are installed. They are based on gstreamer 0.10 and are non accelerated. The default folder for media in Moovida is /home/ume/media/ and it's subfolders. I believe fluendo sells hardware codecs for gstreamer 0.10 and the gma500 on LPIA arch.

-Vlc player is installed and not accelerated. It uses the x11 video output and plays decently.

-xvkbd is installed but no link is provided for it. However I did add Run Program icon to the title bar it looks like 3 little gears.

-The green home screen can be activated by pressing the twin horizontal green arrow icon in the titlebar. It can be quit by closing the terminal that opened it. You should note that any programs launched the green home screen will terminate when you exit that terminal.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ubuntu 8.04 ume lpia netbook-remix

This image is based on a UME 8.04.4 LPIA image built for the Aigo MID device based on the Jax10 platform. I found this on the net a while ago and got around to modifying it to work with the clarion mind and to upgrading the form and function of it.
It's quite possible that this image would work on the Aigo or the Benq s6(may need some utility to turn on wireless).
I offer no support and wish you all luck with this.

Here is the image.

Backup your mind before using this dd image.
As always, if your mind has a breakdown....not my problem.
Use this image at your own risk!

It features:
Working sound
Working wireless
Working touchscreen(no crashes!)
Working 2d psb
Working 3d psb
mplayer-vaapi(hardware acceleration)
libva 0.31
Youtube 480p hardware acceleration
Firefox 3.6(greasemonkey, adblock, downthemall, flashget)
Flash 10.1
and much more....

I haven't tested to see if it will boot from usb yet. My flash drive's connector pretty much died.
There is about 700mb free space on the device after the image is flashed.
The dd image uses unionfs so it should be possible to recompress the rw partition into the ro root partition. I just need to figure it out.

-Suspend/hibernate doesn't work.
-I haven't checked GPS other than setting gpsd to /dev/ttyS1 and checking for output.(I live in an area with VERY spotty gps reception and no cell reception.)
-shutdown and reboot icons are located on the top bar near ther bluetooth icon.
-The icon with the green arrows launches the green home screen, which can be quit by closing the terminal that launches it.
-Hardware accelerated video only in Gnome-Mplayer and mplayer.(use totem or vlc for everything else)
-no headphone output

teaser pics:



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MOD7 full dd disk image.

I've been adding things to the stock clarion os(Midinux).
I have a bunch of scripts that I will be posting, but for now I will just post my most current dd image of the stock os.
It includes:
stock home screen menu hack
Flash 10.1
Firefox 3.6(adblock, grab + drag, downthemall)
XFCE (can switch back to stock home screen with switch-desktop script)
WINE(including winrar)
a bunch of gnome-games
Google Earth with or without GPS support.
xbkbd(for xfce)
Matchbox-keyboard(with hildon plugin for stock home screen)(works with firefox)
and more...

here is the clarionMOD7.dd image file.

I had to rar it into 4 parts to upload it to megaupload.

Enjoy! And remember to make a backup before using my image.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Modifying the stock Os 3

This is a combination hack. It's also a little heavier because of google earth.
You can apply this over the old mplayer hack and xfce hack if needed.

This hacks adds mplayer, gnome mplayer, xfce, Google Earth(with gps support), xvkbd, and some games. It also tweaks the settings for xfce a little.

Using osso-xterm(X Terminal)
Navigate to where you have extracted newhack.tar.gz

ls -a

verify that is there


When Google Earth install pops up, just choose the settings it has listed. When the install finishes do not start it, quit it.

Reboot, then you can choose to switch the desktop or not to.

Use Gnome Mplayer to play anything Coolplayer will not.
Coolplayer still has hardware acceleration for some things.
Mplayer is software decoding only.


JDownloader can be installed by doubletapping on the xfce desktop or the hack directory.

Modifying the stock Os 2

Ok so I know I just uploaded the image with the basic hacks.

Now I have another script file!
This one adds:
to the internet menu-

Pidgin Messaging with keyboard support

adds a new games menu-

Gnome Games:
Five or More
Same gnome

It also installs Zenity for future use...

To install:
-extract clarion_hack_2.tar.gz
-open up osso-xterm on the clarion mind and navigate to where you extracted this file.
-type the following:
ls -a
Make sure you can see


It will do it's magic and reboot.
Hope this works for you all! Enjoy :D

Modifying the stock Os

For those of you that might wish to go back to the stock OS...
The stock OS is really limited.
I've made an DD image of my modified stock OS.
It has the following:

An Application Menu

Firefox 3.6--needs a usb keyboard to use.
Coolfox is still installed.

Flash 10

osso-xterm(terminal with virtual keyboard support)

I just finished raring up my image. the dd image is 3.6GB. I've rared it into 3 rar files totaling 1.9GB. I'll upload them to megaupload tonight.
It's got the basic hack, flash 10, and firefox installed. You need a keyboard for firefox. Coolfox is still installed for pen use.

To Install:
First off you should have a backup before doing anything. Just in case.
I'm not going to get into that here.

Make sure to extract the rar files. You should be left with a 3.6GB dd image named clarionMOD.dd

I normally flash my images using by booting a copy of nMind lite. You can use other linux versions, however disc locations may vary.
I bootup nMind livecd.
Then I open file manager, and navigate to the drive where the image is stored.
(I use 2 partitions on my usb stick so I can use one for the livecd, and the other for storage.)
Then I load terminal and navigate into the drive where the image is stored

sudo -s


cd /media/disk

this location may vary for you.

ls -a

just check and make sure clarionMOD.dd is there

Then I flash the image using dd:

sudo dd if=clarionMOD.dd of=/dev/sda bs=1024K

*if you're not using nMind then the location of your ssd may not be sda*

Thats basically it.
Files are on megaupload. Sorry I cannot do torrents and don't have a host that works better for me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

nMind LITE 0.5a

nMind LITE 0.5a
I've had a hard time getting this one working right. The goal was to get a slimmer install that would still work well with the mind. Install this one takes about 1.52GB without a swap partition. With a swap it take about 250mb more.

Here are the details:
-Now compatible with 2gb devices.
-Based on Crunchbang 9.04.1 Lite(which is based on ubuntu 9.04)
-Openbox instead of Gnome
-Cellwriter Keyboard(Kvkbd and Xvkbd have alot of dependencies)
-working gma 500
-Working Touchscreen(Ideacom UTS6680 on the ps2 port. Still has a hard lockup sometimes)
-Working suspend
-Working wireless(SD8686)(with suspend)(patched driver + networkmanager)
-remapped the HOME button(upper left button on the mind) to bring up the root menu
-ADesk-menu installed.

Iso size: less than 600mb.

Monday, March 1, 2010

nMind 0.7c released!

nMind 0.7c

I rebuilt the libertas driver with the patches to fix the NetworkManager crash.
Suspend/Resume wireless works.
Mplayer-vaapi works.
oh yeah, I rewrote /usr/bin/dexconf. Now it will generate a proper xorg.conf with the touchscreen settings, and the pouslbo settings.
That means that I cut the time to build the liveiso down by 2 hours.

-note if nautilus-scripts are not working for you after install from live iso do the following:
cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

sudo chown -R root:root

They need root permissions to run.

Good Luck!
Next release may not be for a month or 2, if I do one.

nMind 0.6e(previously mindbuntu)

nMind 0.6e

Based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. Not supported by ubuntu, this iso is not an official ubuntu release. By using this ISO you agree that you will hold no one liable for anything that may go wrong. This iso is meant to be distributed freely with no support whatsoever.

That being said. nMind is a remix of Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. It is fully compatible with ubuntu 9.04 and has been remixed with drivers installed for the clarionmind.


-name changed from mindbuntu to nMind.
-poulsbo gma500 drivers installed
-mplayer-vaapi installed( UL11L chipset limitation ul11l does not play HD)
-wireless installed(does not work from suspend)
-touchscreen installed(still random hard lockup related to driver)(hold for right click)
-touchscreen calibration located in Accessories --> Touch Screen
-sound installed
-CellWriter virtual keyboard + handwriting recognition
-w32codecs installed
-smplayer installed(setup for mplayer-vaapi)(when playing sometimes video may appear to be frozen. Use the arrow buttons to move foward or back and the playing will resume.)
-play h.264 in smplayer(accelerated)(totem set to default media player)(right click and choose open with smplayer)
-play non accelerated video in totem
-Firefox 3.6
-Flashplayer 10.1 beta 3
-grab + drag and adblock pro installed
-sun java installed
-gpsd installed(set to /dev/ttyS1)(unsure if it works)
-gps navigation software installed(untested see above)
-deluge torrent client installed
-nautilus-scripts installed
-xrandr commands removed. they still work, just make your own. The commands are:
xrandr --output LVDS0 --mode 800x480 --scale 2x2

The "2x2" is the maximum scale of 1600x960. You can change that to 1.1x1.1, 1.2x1.2, 1.25x.1.25, 1.5x1.5, or 1.75x1.75. So for example you go to Preferences --> Main Menu --> choose a location --> then you can add a new item. I choose Favorites. Click "New Item". Name it something related to the scale setting(xrandr 1.35x1.35). Enter this into the command section:
xrandr --output LVDS0 --mode 800x480 --scale 1.35x1.35

then click ok.
There is a major performance hit when using the xrandr commands and you must reboot or restart x to get back to 800x480.

Compiz is not setup in this version If you want gnome + compiz grab mindbuntu_0.4c.iso.

Install Instructions for internal ssd
-On the screen where you setup your user name and password make sure to scroll down and choose the Auto Login option. Otherwise you wont be able to login because there is no virtual keyboard on the login screen.
-On the summary screen click on the "Advanced" button. Make sure to choose to install the bootloader on to sda.(or choose whatever drive you setup in the partitioning step)

nMind_0.6e.iso is uploaded.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

mindbuntu 0.4c

In an effort to make the liveiso compatible with earlier bios models of the clarion mind, I have removed the modelines from the xorg.conf file. 800x480 resolution is still in there.
Doing this make it possible for other poulsbo / gma500 devices to use this livecd, and the mplayer-vaapi built in.

-Compiz enabled by default with the cube setup and burn effect on open/close screens
-Working sound
-working wireless sd8686 with connman-gnome installed and networking manager removed.
-working video
-working touchscreen.... the touchscreen driver seems to still cause a lockup sometimes.
I've tried 3 different driver versions for the UTS6680 ps2 touchscreen, this locks up the least.
-kvkbd virtual keyboard
-install without a keyboard just a flash drive and the touch pen

mindbuntu 0.4b

I am releasing mindbuntu 0.4b. With win32codecs, mplayer-vaapi, and Compiz. The cube is enabled but you really need a mouse and keyboard to take advantage of it. You can disable Compiz by going to System-->Preferences-->Appearance. Click on the Visual Effects tab, and choose None. You may want to do this when watching Divx files with Movie Player, or when watching accelerated MKV's with Smplayer.
I don't really use compiz but it is nice to show off the cube.

Download mindbuntu 0.4b below:

mindbuntu 0.2b

mindbuntu for the clarion mind

Wireless support for sd8686
Bluetooth?(I don't own any bt)
Touchscreen(no more crashing)
working poulsbo GMA 500 drivers
Virtual Keyboard
Display scaling via desktop Icon
Install via desktop Icon
Ir buttons:
Home Button=F9
Refresh Button=F11
Music Button=F12

This iso can be used to install directly to the clarion mind with nothing more than a usb flash drive and the touchscreen.

On the Desktop there are 2 launcher files to scale the resolution up at the expense of performance.
xrandr 1.1x1.1 will give you a scaled 880x528 resolution.
xrandr 1.25x1.25 will give you a scaled 1000x600 resolution

When installing using this iso please make note that on Step 5 of the install you should scroll down and make sure to choose "log in automatically". The virtual keyboard does NOT work at the log in screen.
On Step 7 of the install make sure to click the "Advanced..." button.
This will let you choose the drive to install the bootloader to. Make sure to choose the same drive you are installing to. If you choose the wrong one you won't be able to boot and you might hose another drive thats hooked up. I choose sda when installing to the internal SSD.

There are some notes and problems:

Problem 1) When coming out of suspend you are asked for a password. You'll need a real keyboard to get back in.
At least in the standard Ubuntu Gnome session, you can bypass the requirement for entering a password on suspend/resume this way:

1. run gconf-editor (NOT as root -- this sets per-user settings)
2. navigate to apps / gnome-power-manager / lock
3. uncheck the locks for suspend and hibernate, and everything else

Problem 2) Wireless does not wakeup from suspend. I don't have a fix for this, perhaps some more digging is required.

Problem 3) This one really isn't a problem as I expected it. When you are running in Live mode there will be a message about xorg crash. I'm pretty sure it's because it wanted to run /usr/bin/dexconf which I removed as I am not that good at scripting yet.
dexconf is what is responsible for setting up xorg.conf on every live boot, replacing the xorg.conf that was already in /etc/X11/.

I just finished a fresh install using this iso and the touchscreen. Aside from the few problems so far it works well.

Expect the next release to be smaller and able to actually fit on a cd-r.
If anyone wants to host a torrent that would be great.
mindbuntu_0.2b.iso 830.1MB
mindbuntu_0.2b.iso 830.1MB

update: MINDBUNTU 0.3b
I just finished building mindbuntu 0.3.b.
Now includes mplayer-vaapi, smplayer and vlc player.
Use smplayer to playback MKV files. No subtilte support.
In vlc player set video output to x11 video or xvideo output to get better divx playback.
I did find a link on Intel's site saying that the ul11l chipset is not capable of playing HD video. SD content only.