Thursday, February 4, 2010

mindbuntu 0.2b

mindbuntu for the clarion mind

Wireless support for sd8686
Bluetooth?(I don't own any bt)
Touchscreen(no more crashing)
working poulsbo GMA 500 drivers
Virtual Keyboard
Display scaling via desktop Icon
Install via desktop Icon
Ir buttons:
Home Button=F9
Refresh Button=F11
Music Button=F12

This iso can be used to install directly to the clarion mind with nothing more than a usb flash drive and the touchscreen.

On the Desktop there are 2 launcher files to scale the resolution up at the expense of performance.
xrandr 1.1x1.1 will give you a scaled 880x528 resolution.
xrandr 1.25x1.25 will give you a scaled 1000x600 resolution

When installing using this iso please make note that on Step 5 of the install you should scroll down and make sure to choose "log in automatically". The virtual keyboard does NOT work at the log in screen.
On Step 7 of the install make sure to click the "Advanced..." button.
This will let you choose the drive to install the bootloader to. Make sure to choose the same drive you are installing to. If you choose the wrong one you won't be able to boot and you might hose another drive thats hooked up. I choose sda when installing to the internal SSD.

There are some notes and problems:

Problem 1) When coming out of suspend you are asked for a password. You'll need a real keyboard to get back in.
At least in the standard Ubuntu Gnome session, you can bypass the requirement for entering a password on suspend/resume this way:

1. run gconf-editor (NOT as root -- this sets per-user settings)
2. navigate to apps / gnome-power-manager / lock
3. uncheck the locks for suspend and hibernate, and everything else

Problem 2) Wireless does not wakeup from suspend. I don't have a fix for this, perhaps some more digging is required.

Problem 3) This one really isn't a problem as I expected it. When you are running in Live mode there will be a message about xorg crash. I'm pretty sure it's because it wanted to run /usr/bin/dexconf which I removed as I am not that good at scripting yet.
dexconf is what is responsible for setting up xorg.conf on every live boot, replacing the xorg.conf that was already in /etc/X11/.

I just finished a fresh install using this iso and the touchscreen. Aside from the few problems so far it works well.

Expect the next release to be smaller and able to actually fit on a cd-r.
If anyone wants to host a torrent that would be great.
mindbuntu_0.2b.iso 830.1MB
mindbuntu_0.2b.iso 830.1MB

update: MINDBUNTU 0.3b
I just finished building mindbuntu 0.3.b.
Now includes mplayer-vaapi, smplayer and vlc player.
Use smplayer to playback MKV files. No subtilte support.
In vlc player set video output to x11 video or xvideo output to get better divx playback.
I did find a link on Intel's site saying that the ul11l chipset is not capable of playing HD video. SD content only.

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