Thursday, February 4, 2010

mindbuntu 0.4c

In an effort to make the liveiso compatible with earlier bios models of the clarion mind, I have removed the modelines from the xorg.conf file. 800x480 resolution is still in there.
Doing this make it possible for other poulsbo / gma500 devices to use this livecd, and the mplayer-vaapi built in.

-Compiz enabled by default with the cube setup and burn effect on open/close screens
-Working sound
-working wireless sd8686 with connman-gnome installed and networking manager removed.
-working video
-working touchscreen.... the touchscreen driver seems to still cause a lockup sometimes.
I've tried 3 different driver versions for the UTS6680 ps2 touchscreen, this locks up the least.
-kvkbd virtual keyboard
-install without a keyboard just a flash drive and the touch pen

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