Saturday, July 17, 2010

ubuntu 8.04 ume lpia netbook-remix

This image is based on a UME 8.04.4 LPIA image built for the Aigo MID device based on the Jax10 platform. I found this on the net a while ago and got around to modifying it to work with the clarion mind and to upgrading the form and function of it.
It's quite possible that this image would work on the Aigo or the Benq s6(may need some utility to turn on wireless).
I offer no support and wish you all luck with this.

Here is the image.

Backup your mind before using this dd image.
As always, if your mind has a breakdown....not my problem.
Use this image at your own risk!

It features:
Working sound
Working wireless
Working touchscreen(no crashes!)
Working 2d psb
Working 3d psb
mplayer-vaapi(hardware acceleration)
libva 0.31
Youtube 480p hardware acceleration
Firefox 3.6(greasemonkey, adblock, downthemall, flashget)
Flash 10.1
and much more....

I haven't tested to see if it will boot from usb yet. My flash drive's connector pretty much died.
There is about 700mb free space on the device after the image is flashed.
The dd image uses unionfs so it should be possible to recompress the rw partition into the ro root partition. I just need to figure it out.

-Suspend/hibernate doesn't work.
-I haven't checked GPS other than setting gpsd to /dev/ttyS1 and checking for output.(I live in an area with VERY spotty gps reception and no cell reception.)
-shutdown and reboot icons are located on the top bar near ther bluetooth icon.
-The icon with the green arrows launches the green home screen, which can be quit by closing the terminal that launches it.
-Hardware accelerated video only in Gnome-Mplayer and mplayer.(use totem or vlc for everything else)
-no headphone output

teaser pics:



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