Monday, July 19, 2010

update unionfs usb flash

Here is the 2GB usb dd image of 8.04.

I will only boot as /dev/sdb1 so don't flash this image onto your ssd. Only onto a usb flash disk.
There is around 750MB of free space on the drive. It will save your changes/installed programs on sdb2.

It's almost the same as the desktop dd image.
I started with 2 partitions the first was about 1gb(sdb1 ro partition). Tthe second was 900mb(sdb2 rw partition) but could of been alot bigger.
Both we're formated to ext3. The boot flag had been set on sdb1.
Since I had the full resquashed dd image installed to my mind, I just copied everything in /boot to sdb1 using "cp -auv /dir/to/copy/* /dest/mount/point/"
Then I installed grub on sdb1.
below done on sdb1
I copied the old initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia to initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia.bak
I had to decompress the initrd and then edit the script/disk file to remove sda from the list of devices it looks for, and changed it to look for a removable drives instead of non-removable(hard disk).
I then recompressed initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia and placed it into the /boot directory.
Then I had to add the kernel option "root=/dev/sdb1" to menu.lst in /boot/grub.
Thats pretty much what went into the usb image. I posted some of the info because it coul be useful to someone else, even though it's a little vague.


  1. You claim to have stable touchscreen . How did you resolve the issue? if i install the default driver (from ideacom website or from dell latitude 2100 pack) then it will crash pretty soon if touch panel is rapidly clicked.

  2. I saved all the old drivers from ideacom before they updated the page.
    The driver I am using works for ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04. It doesn't work for later versions.

    The dell driver also crashed in 8.04.
    Every version I have tried since then has crashed.
    I could upload the old driver I use if you really want.
    I also have the touch driver for moblin 2.1, but I haven't tested it.

    The biggest thing I am looking for is a driver for android. I've been using the SFR build of android(1.5 cupcake) for the "M! Pocket". Someone built a really nice kernel driver for the ps/2 touchscreen. I think if we get this driver it wouldn't be a problem to plug it into evtouch and use it in ubuntu.
    I just can't find this driver for download, and no sources were provided. I have EVERYTHING else working in froyo-x86 except for the touchscreen and 3d.

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  4. Please upload the old driver and also the moblin 2.1 driver. I want to check them out. :)

  5. here is the moblin 2.0/2.1 driver uts6680 ideacom

    here is the good working ubuntu 8.04 driver uts6680 ideacom

  6. hey maybe im missing somethihng but how would i go about installing this on my aigo i pop it in it runs great but i want to leave it on there.

    how is this done thanks

  7. That might be a little difficult. The usb version has scripts in initrd changed to work for drive sdb....
    the full dd image has the script set for sda.
    What you would need to do is:
    Format your aigo into at least 2 partitions.
    1st partition should be about 900mb.
    2nd partition can be as big or small as you want. Any saved data or changes will be saved to the 2nd partition, while the 1st partition will be where the rootfs.img and grub is stored.
    Both should be formated ext3.
    So you need to copy everything from the 1st partition of the usb drive to the 1st partition of the ssd.
    then you need to install grub.
    Then you should copy the initrd to the 1st partition. I believe that initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia.bak has the settings for sda in delete initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia from the first partition and rename initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia.bak to initrd.img-2.6.24-22-lpia.
    Hopefully that will be enough to get you up and booting.

  8. Seems like evtouch is a way to go:

    Only problem is that tutorial is ment for USB version of touchscreen. I don't know how to modify the xml to match the PS/2 port on clarion.

  9. evtouch wants an /dev/input/eventX
    the ideacom usb driver provides that...and also uses evtouch just like the ps2 driver. I see evtouch messages in my xorg.log. It leads me to believe that ideacom uses it in their driver.
    I think that something needs to be sent to the touchscreen controller to wake it up, thats why just setting evtouch to /dev/psaux doesn't work for me.
    I've been building android for the clarion mind. Froyo and Eclair are a little slow. Donut it quite usable. I have everything working now except the touchscreen(wifi, gps, sound, sdcard, still no 3d) i have a working touchscreen in android 1.5, but no kernel source and it's hardcoded to azerty keyboard layout.
    what I would like to see is the source code for the android kernel of the SFR M! Pocket PC. It's android 1.5 and has a kernel driver for the ideacom ps2 touchscreen that generates an /dev/input/eventX. If we had that and ported it to 2.6.32 we could use evtouch in linux and tslib in android.

  10. Any luck with clarion mind and android?
    Or latest linux and touchscreen :P?
    It's pretty useless with stock us maps (i live in EU) and just collecting dust right now :(

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