Monday, July 19, 2010

8.04.4...update 2

the dd version of the acronis image I posted earlier is posted below for those without acronis


  1. hey have you tried the UMPC version of ubuntu its Intrepid.....i have it its hard to find.....also i have ubuntu mid 9.04 i ordered a aigo p8861h and i was looking for something like the ubuntu mobile or umpc version based on 8.10have you tried the full distro like karmic or lucid

  2. First off, every version of ubuntu, after 8.04 crashes sometimes while using the touchscreen.

    I have 9.04 based livecd's here on my blog for download.
    8.10 ran ok but needed the wireless drivers enabled and compiled.
    9.10 ran ok but required patching the kernel for the wireless drivers.
    10.04 needed the same patch for the libertas drivers.

    The nMind livecd's should have working wireless, poulsbo, mplayer-vaapi, and buggy touchscreen.
    The version of 8.04 ume I have modified and uploaded has the good touch driver, along with working everything else. This version should work well for the Aigo, since it was built by Celtiore for the Aigo, and heavily updated by me for upgraded poulsbo, mplayer-vaapi, power buttons, firefox 3.6, newer flash, gnome-games, and more.
    The only real problem with that version is that it is LPIA architecture.
    I suggest that you try the 8.04 usb flash image made for a 2gb flash drive.

  3. i got the ume 8.04 running but how to i install it and how do i give it more space since im running a 8gb ssd i got the P8861h

    is GPS and WWAN working?

  4. I don't know what device the aigo uses for gps.
    the clarionmind uses /dev/ttyS1, So in order to get gps working for the aigo, you might have to do a dpkg-reconigure gpsd
    and then set the aigo to use it's device(I think /dev/ttyACM0)
    The wireless lan should work unless it needs some sort of acpi control to turn it on like the benq s6 needs.
    I have no clue if 3g works or not.