Sunday, July 18, 2010

8.04 updated..1

I managed to merge the ro and rw partitions and then resquashed the rootfs.img.
So now all my changes are part of the ro filesystem. That means that now we have 2.3gb free space.
I'll be posting a acronis .tib image file for now because of requests.
It will be followed shortly by a rared up dd image file.

The acronis image is here:

I haven't tested this one yet. Enjoy!

I tested it. It works as planned. 2.3GB free space afterwards...
a few notes:
-video acceleration is with mplayer, gnome-mplayer, and smplayer. mplayer and gnome-mplayer are set to use the vaapi video output and filter. Smplayer is set to use the x11 video output and the vaapi filter. If your video plays but looks blocky try it in smplayer.

-Totem and Moovida Media Center are installed. They are based on gstreamer 0.10 and are non accelerated. The default folder for media in Moovida is /home/ume/media/ and it's subfolders. I believe fluendo sells hardware codecs for gstreamer 0.10 and the gma500 on LPIA arch.

-Vlc player is installed and not accelerated. It uses the x11 video output and plays decently.

-xvkbd is installed but no link is provided for it. However I did add Run Program icon to the title bar it looks like 3 little gears.

-The green home screen can be activated by pressing the twin horizontal green arrow icon in the titlebar. It can be quit by closing the terminal that opened it. You should note that any programs launched the green home screen will terminate when you exit that terminal.


  1. hi
    i tried this and iam getting a error called GRUB loading stage1.5
    GRUB Loading, Please wait....
    Error 15

  2. hi worked...i recovered all the three drives and it worked...:)

  3. hi
    Audio out to ear phones r not working..any configuration that needs to be done to enable it ?