Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MOD7 full dd disk image.

I've been adding things to the stock clarion os(Midinux).
I have a bunch of scripts that I will be posting, but for now I will just post my most current dd image of the stock os.
It includes:
stock home screen menu hack
Flash 10.1
Firefox 3.6(adblock, grab + drag, downthemall)
XFCE (can switch back to stock home screen with switch-desktop script)
WINE(including winrar)
a bunch of gnome-games
Google Earth with or without GPS support.
xbkbd(for xfce)
Matchbox-keyboard(with hildon plugin for stock home screen)(works with firefox)
and more...

here is the clarionMOD7.dd image file.

I had to rar it into 4 parts to upload it to megaupload.

Enjoy! And remember to make a backup before using my image.


  1. I might be missing this but how could you give some pointers on how you are backing the device up and how you are installing the new images?

  2. Well I have my setup a little odd.
    My backup drive has 2 partitions.
    One for nMind lite livecd, and the other holds my dd images.

    So bootup nMind lite, goto the file manager click on the hard/partition I want to load the backup to.
    It usually mounts to /media/disk.
    Then I open terminal and navigate to /media/disk

    cd /media/disk

    then I make a backup of my ssd using:
    sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=mybackupname.dd bs=1024K
    That makes a dd image of around 3.6-3.8GB.

    I put the clarionMOD7.dd onto the ssd using:
    sudo dd if=clarionMOD7.dd of=/dev/sda bs=1024K
    When that finishes I reboot into the newly restored os.

    keep in mind that your device name for the ssd might be different depending on what livecd you are using.
    For nMind and nMind lite the ssd is usually "sda".

    Hope that helps a bit! Enjoy!

  3. This is great! A real fun... A few questions. Can I use some yum repositories and how?
    How do I connect to ad-hoc wireless? System wide proxy settings?
    Thank you

  4. Hey Thanks for the programs I love mindbuntu!
    Can you give instructions on how to load the clarionmod7.dd on to a flash stick?
    or maybe repost the image as an iso or something windows 7 friendly,Ive been trying for days to load it up but just managed to kill my MBR (i repaired it )
    Any advise would be apreciated!

    Thank you for the cool programs

  5. the stock os image won't boot from a usb stick. It can't find the kernel image because the initrd doesn't load up usb drivers. So someone would have to build a new initrd with mkinitrd.
    I'd really like to get both the usb drivers and the microsd card drivers loaded at boot. Then we could even install to a microsd card(with grub on the ssd)or usb.

    I haven't had much luck with setting up Yum repo's.
    Yum tends to break things because the fedora 7 repo's don't quite match what we have installed from midinux 1.5.

    You can setup adhoc networks using the iwconfig and ifconfig commands. I don't have experience with this at all though

  6. Great Job! Works right away! Thanks a lot!
    One question is that how can I disable the auto-popuped xterminal window from the system boot?

  7. Anyone know how to fix the Youtube app?