Friday, May 14, 2010

Modifying the stock Os

For those of you that might wish to go back to the stock OS...
The stock OS is really limited.
I've made an DD image of my modified stock OS.
It has the following:

An Application Menu

Firefox 3.6--needs a usb keyboard to use.
Coolfox is still installed.

Flash 10

osso-xterm(terminal with virtual keyboard support)

I just finished raring up my image. the dd image is 3.6GB. I've rared it into 3 rar files totaling 1.9GB. I'll upload them to megaupload tonight.
It's got the basic hack, flash 10, and firefox installed. You need a keyboard for firefox. Coolfox is still installed for pen use.

To Install:
First off you should have a backup before doing anything. Just in case.
I'm not going to get into that here.

Make sure to extract the rar files. You should be left with a 3.6GB dd image named clarionMOD.dd

I normally flash my images using by booting a copy of nMind lite. You can use other linux versions, however disc locations may vary.
I bootup nMind livecd.
Then I open file manager, and navigate to the drive where the image is stored.
(I use 2 partitions on my usb stick so I can use one for the livecd, and the other for storage.)
Then I load terminal and navigate into the drive where the image is stored

sudo -s


cd /media/disk

this location may vary for you.

ls -a

just check and make sure clarionMOD.dd is there

Then I flash the image using dd:

sudo dd if=clarionMOD.dd of=/dev/sda bs=1024K

*if you're not using nMind then the location of your ssd may not be sda*

Thats basically it.
Files are on megaupload. Sorry I cannot do torrents and don't have a host that works better for me.


  1. Is flash 10 any better than the stock flash. I find the youtube videos through the stock player to be unwatchable.

  2. It seems just about the same.
    I was having problems with flash games and the stock flash version. So that's the reason for the upgrade.