Friday, March 12, 2010

nMind LITE 0.5a

nMind LITE 0.5a
I've had a hard time getting this one working right. The goal was to get a slimmer install that would still work well with the mind. Install this one takes about 1.52GB without a swap partition. With a swap it take about 250mb more.

Here are the details:
-Now compatible with 2gb devices.
-Based on Crunchbang 9.04.1 Lite(which is based on ubuntu 9.04)
-Openbox instead of Gnome
-Cellwriter Keyboard(Kvkbd and Xvkbd have alot of dependencies)
-working gma 500
-Working Touchscreen(Ideacom UTS6680 on the ps2 port. Still has a hard lockup sometimes)
-Working suspend
-Working wireless(SD8686)(with suspend)(patched driver + networkmanager)
-remapped the HOME button(upper left button on the mind) to bring up the root menu
-ADesk-menu installed.

Iso size: less than 600mb.


  1. guau!!! thanks a lot for this great work!! really!!

    Two days ago I installed karmic in my sfr pocket... but now I am back to android. I a m going to try this!

    Thanks a lot!!

  2. hi , i come from hong kong , i have a s6 , i wall to download your file on megaupload , but "This service is temporarily not available from your service area."

    can you upload to Elsewhere?

  3. Excellent work, thank you for your job. I always like the minimal versions of linux and this is excellent for my Benq mid S6. Wifi does not work out of the box but I knew this, I'll try to flash bios for this.
    X is pretty configured, except the screen calibration; the included tool fails, doesn't recognize any touch with the stilo.
    Any suggestion for this ?

  4. I recently bought a clarionmind and it is currently in the mail. Is there any way to reinstall the original OS should things not work out with a mindbuntu install?

  5. Hello, any chance of having the drivers (video, touchscreen, wifi, hardware acceleration) working in ubuntu 10.04 ? Could you provide me the sources of your drivers on the web ?