Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Root and Play Store fix for the UG802 android tv dongle

The UG802 is a new dual core android tv hdmi dongle.

It contains the Rockchip rk3066 dual core arm cortex a9 SOC
1.2ghz(limited by kernel,  but soc is capable of 1.6ghz)
1gb ram
4gb nand storage
wifi b/g/n
micro-usb for power
hdmi 1.4 male connecter
full size usb host

The first time I ran antutu I scored a 6801,  second time I scored a 6821.
Since then I've installed a ton of apps and my latest score is 6532.  
 The performance of it is incredible.  It's the best dongle on the market so far....

 I've been posting my comments about the device on this site:

I rooted my device using the info from here:
Superoneclick did complain and say my device was already rooted, but I had previously checked with root checker and it had said it wasn’t.

Fixing Google Play Store.

I spent a while searching, but I found others who had this problem. That led me to the instructions from Compu_Guy which is found in the link below.
Our TelephonyManager.smali files is a bit different so I’ve simply removed 2 steps and changed the number we’re looking to replace.
Keep in mind that this could send you on a boot loop, brick your device, cause you to worship the sun, eat earthworms and I won’t be held responsible.
First off you need to be rooted and your system mounted as R/W. Also if you’re on windows you will have to install JRE 1.6 and add that to path so you can run apktool.(there are instructions in the apktool wiki)

“Here are the steps that I followed.
1) Download apktool from here:
I used the Windows version, so there are two files that you need to download. Load both of those into a directory.
2) Grab your framework.jar file from you tablet. This is located in /system/framework
3) Copy this file to the same folder that you put the apktool
4) Open a command prompt and run apktool with this command: apktool d framework.jar
5) This creates a folder called framework.jar.out that contains the smali files. Open this folder and go to smali/android/telephony
6) Open TelephonyManger.smali with a good text editor. On Windows, I use Notepad++.
7) Look for the string of 46002. I just replaced this with 310260. In my case, there are two instances of it. 8)When you are done, save the file.
9) What I then did was renamed the framework.jar file to framework-old.jar
10) Now from your command prompt run apktool b framework.jar.out
This will recompile a new jar file for you. The file will be placed in framework.jar.out/dist.
11) Now open this file with a good zip editor (IZarc, 7zip, etc). There will be a classes.dex file.
12) If you open your original one, you will see there is also a META-INF folder and preloaded-classes file. I copied these out of the original and into the new file.
13) Copy the new framework.jar file on your tablet and replace the existing one.(Make sure to check the permissions on the new framework.jar)
14) Restart!”

You may want to clear Play Store’s cache and data before you load it after doing this.
I’ve uploaded my modified framework.jar here

Firmware 7/13 http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/81293609/file.html

Firmware 9/03 http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/32689528/file.html

I have no idea if it will work in newer firmwares, so when in doubt do the steps above.
Btw the number 46002 is for China Mobile, the number 310260 is for T-Mobile US.


  1. how's the shutdown process? is it possible to reboot?

  2. If you use the quickboot app from the play store it is possible to reboot.
    If you choose shutdown it still reboots.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't seem to have a 'System' folder. Any hints?

    1. Are you rooted?
      If so you can get to your /system folder by installing ES Explorer and go into it's settings.
      Near the bottom of the list is "Root settings".
      Inside that make sure you check the boxes for:
      Root Explorer
      Up to Root
      Mount File System

      Then you should be able to get up to / and go into system. I used ftp to transfer my files, but you can easily use a micro sd card if you have it(/mnt/external_sd/).
      Again make sure that the permissions on the new file are the same as on the old file.

    2. Thank you deadhp1. All good now. I have added to the above instructions so noobs like me don't have to ask silly questions.

  4. HELP... need root. How do you connect the device to your PC? Mini usb cable to PC does not detect devise. Fallowed instructions but Moborobo does not detect it? Any tips for getting the drivers to install.

  5. When you have your ug802 plugged into your computer, also have the hdmi plugged into a tv so you can change a setting.

    First off make sure that USB Debugging is on.
    (goto apps and then goto the normal android settings screen)
    Second go back to the home screen and use the Settings tab. Click on Advance Setting and then click on USB Connection. It will connect to your computer.

    Back on your computer restart the Moborobo application. This time it should detect and ask to install unsigned drivers. Choose yes.
    Eventually it will goto the Moborobo screen and detect your device model as rk30sdk.

    Hope that helped!

  6. i used your framework.jar file on the 0903 firmware and it worked great for the play store. i suddenly could find apps like netflix which weren't there before. new problem is that in netflix most videos wont play now. files i have already played sometimes play, other times not, and new videos i havent played yet wont play at all. i just get error 0040 cannot connect to server error. any ideas deadhp1?

  7. Sounds like you're running into the wifi problem that's in firmware from 8/29/12 and 9/3/12
    I only have this firmware on one of my UG802's and if too suffers from wifi problems...including netflix and crackle not being able to play properly.

    We just have to wait for a newer firmware that fixes wifi. For now I'm using a usb ethernet adapter on it. It works very well for that.

  8. @deadhp1: Thanks for all...but one question: After I rooted and fix the Play Store (works great), it seems that the Flash Player doesn't work anymore. I tested it with the original browser, all Plug Ins allowed and also in Desktop Mode. Can You please test on your device? Any hints for me?

  9. Flash wasn't working properly for me until I uninstalled the included version and installed the latest apk from adobe
    Flash Player 11.1.for Android 4.0 (

    Make sure you uninstall the old flash version first, otherwise the new one won't install properly.

    This actually happens on a lot of chinese android devices. Flash is included, and it works...somewhat. It's much better after removal and update.

  10. it is possible to install a Google TV Apps?

    like this:

    1. The ug802 doesn't run Google TV. It runs Android 4.0.4 ICS. So Google TV application won't run on it.
      It is possible to install Droidmote Server.

  11. How is web browsing with this device? MK802 is very sluggish to me.

  12. Web browsing is actually quite quick.
    However recently new UG802 units have had quirky wifi. It is unknown if this is a hardware defect or a software problem.

    What I can say is that my sample units with the older unavailable firmware do not suffer from this at all. A sample unit that has been updated to newer firmware is having slight wifi problems.

    Also some ug802 come with different a wifi board and antenna. It is still based on the rlt8188eus.

  13. deadhp1,

    First of all, I wanted to say thanks for all your posting all over the interwebs about this device! You seem to be the defacto expert and go to guy regarding the 802.

    My first question (of many, I'm sure) is where do we go hunting for new firmwares?

    Thanks again for all your help!!

  14. I've been unable to delete the framework.jar file (or rename it) I.m using the moborobo file manager via my pc. Is there something I'm missing?

  15. To fix the Play Store you can use Market Enabler when you're rooted(with busybox) it's as easy as pressing a button and you don't need to go all technical.

  16. i even bought an apps and it's working fine

  17. Hi, I followed the directions to enable the market but something went wrong. Now I am getting "Unfortunately, the process.android.phone" has stopped" followed by "Launcher has stopped". I keep getting these errors are unable to access anything. Is there any way to recover from this... Any help would be welcome...

  18. If anyone is having problems with the UG802 I have opened a forum devoted to android tv sticks.
    I've also made several rooted and play store fixed roms.

  19. Deadph1 can you help me with fixing a corrupt frameork.jar file. My UG802 boots but shows process.android.phone and launcher errors. I keep getting these pop-ups and i am unable to do anything else. I am not able to even reflash via sd card method.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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