Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IndieGogo UG802

I've started a campaign on IndieGogo for a custom version of the UG802.
It is called the Dual Droid TV Stick.
It has much better specifications.
-Full 1.6GHZ dual core rk3066
-2GB of ram(2 times the original)
      It makes sense to have extra ram for future versions of android.
-16GB of flash (4 times the original)
       Personally I don't like having to store apps on the micro sd card.  This will make a much better experience.

I've been in talks with the manufacturer for weeks now,  ever since I received my first sample.
The minimum order quantity was too high for me to afford it on my own.  So I had to resort to crowdsourcing.  Hopefully it will be successful and we'll all be able to get the ultimate in android tv sticks.

So if anyone wants to support a new project and get a great device go ahead and sign up!
The sticks with these specs will not be produced unless we meet our goals.


  1. Hi, out of content, but:
    Could you find a fix for touch screen driver of clarion mind in new android 86 builds? There is now android 4.0.4 RC2 and works decently except the wifi and the touchscreen. Only if we could fix that we will have a really valuable product again.

    1. Besides, please provide me again an adress so i can contact you...

  2. While the rk3066 is a great processor (I'm typing this on a U30GT tablet), the GPL support for it seems... sketchy at least. Is it wise to start crowdfunding for a device that would, in fact, violate copyright laws in US and Europe?