Friday, March 12, 2010

nMind LITE 0.5a

nMind LITE 0.5a
I've had a hard time getting this one working right. The goal was to get a slimmer install that would still work well with the mind. Install this one takes about 1.52GB without a swap partition. With a swap it take about 250mb more.

Here are the details:
-Now compatible with 2gb devices.
-Based on Crunchbang 9.04.1 Lite(which is based on ubuntu 9.04)
-Openbox instead of Gnome
-Cellwriter Keyboard(Kvkbd and Xvkbd have alot of dependencies)
-working gma 500
-Working Touchscreen(Ideacom UTS6680 on the ps2 port. Still has a hard lockup sometimes)
-Working suspend
-Working wireless(SD8686)(with suspend)(patched driver + networkmanager)
-remapped the HOME button(upper left button on the mind) to bring up the root menu
-ADesk-menu installed.

Iso size: less than 600mb.

Monday, March 1, 2010

nMind 0.7c released!

nMind 0.7c

I rebuilt the libertas driver with the patches to fix the NetworkManager crash.
Suspend/Resume wireless works.
Mplayer-vaapi works.
oh yeah, I rewrote /usr/bin/dexconf. Now it will generate a proper xorg.conf with the touchscreen settings, and the pouslbo settings.
That means that I cut the time to build the liveiso down by 2 hours.

-note if nautilus-scripts are not working for you after install from live iso do the following:
cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

sudo chown -R root:root

They need root permissions to run.

Good Luck!
Next release may not be for a month or 2, if I do one.

nMind 0.6e(previously mindbuntu)

nMind 0.6e

Based on Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. Not supported by ubuntu, this iso is not an official ubuntu release. By using this ISO you agree that you will hold no one liable for anything that may go wrong. This iso is meant to be distributed freely with no support whatsoever.

That being said. nMind is a remix of Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. It is fully compatible with ubuntu 9.04 and has been remixed with drivers installed for the clarionmind.


-name changed from mindbuntu to nMind.
-poulsbo gma500 drivers installed
-mplayer-vaapi installed( UL11L chipset limitation ul11l does not play HD)
-wireless installed(does not work from suspend)
-touchscreen installed(still random hard lockup related to driver)(hold for right click)
-touchscreen calibration located in Accessories --> Touch Screen
-sound installed
-CellWriter virtual keyboard + handwriting recognition
-w32codecs installed
-smplayer installed(setup for mplayer-vaapi)(when playing sometimes video may appear to be frozen. Use the arrow buttons to move foward or back and the playing will resume.)
-play h.264 in smplayer(accelerated)(totem set to default media player)(right click and choose open with smplayer)
-play non accelerated video in totem
-Firefox 3.6
-Flashplayer 10.1 beta 3
-grab + drag and adblock pro installed
-sun java installed
-gpsd installed(set to /dev/ttyS1)(unsure if it works)
-gps navigation software installed(untested see above)
-deluge torrent client installed
-nautilus-scripts installed
-xrandr commands removed. they still work, just make your own. The commands are:
xrandr --output LVDS0 --mode 800x480 --scale 2x2

The "2x2" is the maximum scale of 1600x960. You can change that to 1.1x1.1, 1.2x1.2, 1.25x.1.25, 1.5x1.5, or 1.75x1.75. So for example you go to Preferences --> Main Menu --> choose a location --> then you can add a new item. I choose Favorites. Click "New Item". Name it something related to the scale setting(xrandr 1.35x1.35). Enter this into the command section:
xrandr --output LVDS0 --mode 800x480 --scale 1.35x1.35

then click ok.
There is a major performance hit when using the xrandr commands and you must reboot or restart x to get back to 800x480.

Compiz is not setup in this version If you want gnome + compiz grab mindbuntu_0.4c.iso.

Install Instructions for internal ssd
-On the screen where you setup your user name and password make sure to scroll down and choose the Auto Login option. Otherwise you wont be able to login because there is no virtual keyboard on the login screen.
-On the summary screen click on the "Advanced" button. Make sure to choose to install the bootloader on to sda.(or choose whatever drive you setup in the partitioning step)

nMind_0.6e.iso is uploaded.