Thursday, September 13, 2012

ClockworkMod for the UG802

Booting into recovery mode on my ug802 has never worked. It has always just brought up an android with a red exclamation point. I wanted to get clockworkmod running.

I’ve been reading this thread and about clockworkmod for rk3066 based tablets by ChristianTroy.
So I extracted the parameters file from the oval elephant update.img and placed it into the modified cwm zip file.

This is only a test. I was successful in making a backup. I have not tried to restore or anything else.
Arrow Keys work to navigate.
I am not responsible if you brick your device!!

Below are the steps I followed.
1) Download from

2)Extract the zip into a folder.

3) In order to flash the recovery using RKandroidtool I had to run terminal emulator and type in:
reboot bootloader

4)Install drivers from the CWM folder when prompted. 
If windows cannot find drivers then goto Control Panel--->Device Manager--->Other Devices---->Unknown Device.
Right Click and choose Update Driver Software.
Choose Browse my computer for driver software and navigate to where you have extracted

5) Run RKAndroidTool.exe from the cwm folder.
After following the instructions I was rebooted into clockworkmod.

I can now boot into CWM from android by typing into terminal emulator:
reboot recovery

It should be noted that QuickBoot app does allow you to reboot into Bootloader.
It also allows you to reboot into CWM recovery, but once in CWM the keyboard doesn’t work. So make sure you use a terminal emulator to reboot into recovery and not the QuickBoot app.


  1. Nice work, thought you might be interested, I found the serial pin out for the device. Details at:

    1. That's awesome! I suspected those might be for serial console. I just lack the equipment to test them :(
      I'm going to post a link to your blog on my UG802 forum.

  2. Any other way? My UG802's charging port broke within the 1st week before I could root it. Any way of rebooting into bootloader without having root? or I am stuck?

  3. Can you please update the link where Christian posted CWM thread on Thanks.

  4. Let me apologize in advance for the unrelated post. I'm looking for some info the old mindbuntu project. It looks like you haven't put any time into in awhile but I have a friend's mind that wants lubuntu on it. I have GMA500 working, its the wifi and touchscreen giving me trouble. Thanks in advance for any help.


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